One Fine Day

One Fine Day


Our tale begins on a brilliant and crisp autumn afternoon in the early 1960s. The Chiffons are shubiduing with “One Fine Day,” a love song full of pathos and longing.


Our 13-year-old narrator is listening to the music on her transistor radio and dreaming of Mark, the gorgeous and very unattainable captain of her junior high school’s basketball team. But more than anything else, she’s dreaming of overcoming her pigeon-toes and getting rid of her orthopedic shoes. If so, she might possibly make it to the cheerleaders and pom-pom her way into Mark’s heart. The day finally arrives on which it looks as if all her dreams will come true. But as luck will have it, disaster strikes! On this day, not only are the small dreams of a 13-year-old destroyed, but the big dreams of an entire nation too.

The television movie One Fine Day is based on the original radio narration of the same name which has been adapted into a stage show, a Teen Reader for learners of English, and was inspiration for the novel Memoirs of an Ex-Cheerleader (working title).

Written and narrated by: HJR
Directed by: Petra Haffter
Cinematography by: Wanja Schulz
Sound by: Eckhard Hoope, Jörg Rannow
Production Design by: Wulf Arndt, Jörg Gutt
Costumes by: Brigit Gruse
Produced by: Christiane Jontza
Starring: HJR, Mira Feller (Narrator as a Girl), Karina Loose (Judy O'Reilly)
Sender Freies Berlin, 1989

Barry Grave interviews HJR, December 1, 1989 (in German)