Mazel Tov in Las Vegas

Mazel Tov in Las Vegas

Conversations at the Brink of a Wedding (Radio Narration)

It’s a marriage made in hell! Everything you never wanted to know about tying the knot in sin city you’ll find out here!

After what seems like centuries of being a single, the narrator has finally found true love. Her family is dying to meet her Mr. Right 4ever, so she and her Benno fly off to Las Vegas. That’s where her mother, recently widowed, has settled in search of warm weather and a hot streak at the poker table. In the wedding chapel of the run-down, ex-luxury hotel Pink Palace, in the ugliest, craziest and weirdest city in the USA, the narrator will finally get to say, “I do.”


The whole mishpocheh flys in for the grand event: two aunts from New York, one sweet and grieving, the other loud and egocentric; the narrator’s brother and sister, Californians, join the crowd, too, including their boys, the quarreling cousins. Old and new conflicts are bound to erupt ­– and they do. Take cover!

“Mazel Tov in Las Vegas” was produced as a stage monologue and was later inspiration for the novel by the same name.

Written and narrated by: HJR
Directed by: Ursula Weck
Redakterin: Marianne Wagner
Sender Freies Berlin, 1994

Audio sample – Taped Live in Amerikahaus, Berlin

Audio Sample – SFB-Passagen (in German)