Upcoming Events

18 October 2023 • 10:20
“Future Fairy Tales”
School reading in English in the Christophorus Schule
21 November 2023 • 12:15
Poetics Lecture
Poetics lecture for education students.
Halle (Saale)
21 November 2023 • 16:00
Creative Writing Workshop
Creative writing and art workshop for elementary school students in the group “Schreibspielwiese“ (Arbeitsgemeinschaft schreibender Grundschüler); Workshop in Haus 31, Franckesche Stiftungen, Franckeplatz 1
Halle (Saale)
22 November 2023 • 10:00
Reading from “Future Fairy Tales”
School reading in German
Halle (Saale)
20 December 2023 • 09:00
Readings from Everlasting and Future Fairy Tales
two German-language readings and one English-language reading in the Montessori-Oberschule Potsdam.
31 December 2023 • 07:00
Radio Play: Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread
Radio play in German based on the novel “Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread” by HJR with Theresa Zertani, Leslie Malton and HJR and others, Directed by Leonhard Koppelmann
NDR Kultur
23 April 2024 • 10:00
Readings from Future Fairy Tales
English-language school readings in der Zentralbibliothek Wall-Saal
23 April 2024 • 19:00
Reading from Future Fairy Tales
public English-language reading in the Zentralbibliothek Wall-Saal
24 April 2024 • 10:00
Readings with Future Fairy Tales
English-language school readings in the Bücherei Vahr, Berliner Freiheit

It’s in the Bookstores!

I’m so excited: my new book, Once upon a Future – Tales from a Distant World, is waiting for you in all good bookshops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even Luxembourg! And the first reviews are in too. The bloggers are definitely in agreement:
“The author has created a masterpiece with this book!”
“The anthology’s variety is exceptional.”
 “The book is definitely different. Good different.”
“I’ve never seen or read the likes of this before.”
“A beautifully illustrated and very special fairy tale compilation for the whole family. And a great gift too.”
“I could have read on and on.”
“The author’s understanding of today’s adolescent world is head-on.”
“Fantastic idea!”
“Ich liebe es!”

This way to the book.  

Stella Menzel Speaks Mandarin

Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread (English working title) was published in China this summer. So thrilled that young readers in China will get to know Stella’s Russian-German-American family and their lives in St. Petersburg, New York and Berlin. More about the book here.

Berlinale, Here We Come!

So excited that my Rowohlt Verlag novel Das Rätsel von Ainsley Castle was chosen as one of ten novels to be presented in March with “Books at Berlinale,” an event sponsored by the Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival with the Frankfurt Book Fair. It offers publishers and agents the chance to pitch their books to internationally established film producers. The working title for the film adaptation of my book is “Double Puzzle.” More about the novel here.