Once Upon a Future

Once Upon a Future

Tales from a Distant World (working title)

It’s 2440 – the printing press was invented exactly 1000 years ago. Much has changed since then, but fairy tales have survived all of the millennium’s technological accomplishments.


These wondrous stories of good and evil, fear and courage, cleverness and foolishness are just as relevant in the 25th century as they were when first told. But it almost goes without saying that Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel & Co are no longer helpless damsels in distress in the need of a prince’s kiss. Quite the opposite, in fact. Nonetheless, the power of their stories lives on.

Here are magical tales from days of old in the 21st century, from the chaos of Dark Winter when climate change, world wars and an ever-mutating virus nearly destroyed the planet, from a new beginning and mind-boggling leaps in science and technology. Remarkably, right before our eyes, a complex future world emerges that will resonate with today’s readers. — An innovative fairy tale collection for all lovers of storytelling, 13 and up!

Nominated for the German Young Literature Award 2023!

Below is a German-language reading of  “The Sleeper and the Spellbreaker” – a variation on “Sleeping Beauty”,  first transcribed in the year 2214 [sic].

Rowohlt Verlag / Rotfuchs, 2022
German edition translated by
Christiane Steen
272 pages, Hardcover
for teens and adults
including illustrations by
Simone Goder, Jolanda Zürcher, Julia Plath, Minh Thi Pham, Finja Bauerschmidt,
Josefine Taape, Luise Mirdita, Lena Winkel, Annika Rogg und Mia Löb