Whispering Leaves

Whispering Leaves

(working title)

A night in the Whispering Leaves Bookshop … and nothing will ever be the same again! — It’s a stormy autumn evening. The “Whispering Leaves Reading Club” is interrupted by a knock at the bookshop’s back door. Oliver, Iris and Rosa open up … and are thrust into an adventure of a lifetime.


The boy at the door, Colin, is from the far future and it takes a while before he understands that he’s not in the middle of a virtual reality game, but has actually been sent back in time to the 21st century. But why? The four children find themselves trapped in a dangerous time warp and soon realize that not only are their lives at stake, but the future of the world too!

Whispering Leaves — a science fiction fantasy set in the world of today and tomorrow for all readers 11 and up!



Rowohlt, 2015
German edition translated by
Ulrike Wasel and Klaus Timmermann
312 pages, Hardcover
11 and up

Audio Sample: Chapter One (in German)