Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread

Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread

Radio Drama (in German)

Stella loves the blue silk satin blanket she inherited from her great- great- grandmother – a blanket dotted with stars and snowflakes of silver brocade and hemmed with golden thread.


As the legend goes, the cloth is enchanted, for captured within its folds are the stories of those who once possessed it – stories of Old Russia, Berlin in the 1920s, the Jewish family’s escape to America in 1939, of their new lives in New York and then, lastly, their return to Berlin. Once a beautiful wall tapestry, the cloth becomes a curtain, then a tablecloth, a piano shawl and then Stella’s blanket. As she grows older – from the cradle to her first kiss – the blanket, too, is transformed, and with each transformation, Stella’s own story becomes a part of the heirloom’s history.

A radio drama about mothers and daughters, our roots – and the golden thread that connects it all.


This way to the novel.

Written by: Holly-Jane Rahlens
Directed by: Leonhard Koppelmann
Music by: Pete Kaizar
Engineered by: Nikolaus Löwe
Script Edited by: Sonja Kessen
Produced by: rbb/NDR, 2019
Mitwirkende: Theresa Zertani (Stella), Leslie Malton (Stellas Mutter Isabel), Holly-Jane Rahlens (Oma Josephine / Erzählerin)
Außerdem: Kiara Scheicht, Stella Blankenburg, Julia Hummer, Dmitri Alexandrov, Alex Boll, Margarita Breitkreiz, Johanna Griebel und Peter Posniak

Audio Sample (in German)

Laudatio for Children's Radio Drama Award, 2020 (in German)