Sissi Perlinger

Sissi Perlinger

I’m Doing My Own Show! (in German)

“The show – it’s all me!” says all-round artist Sissi Perlinger. “The show feeds off me. My dreams and my desires nurture it.”


When we shot this documentary in the summer of 1991 Sissy was the perfect example for a “multi-talent.” She did absolutely everything herself – exclamation point! She composed the music for her shows, wrote the lyrics, choreographed the dances, came up with the jokes and stories. She sang, played the guitar and the piano, designed the costumes and even sewed them herself. She had a lot on her plate. I learned a lot from her, but mostly: If you want something done, give it to a busy person!

Sissi Perlinger was on the verge of her breakthrough when we shot on eight days with her in Berlin and Munich. Here’s a short excerpt from the 30-minute portrait.


Realisation: HJR
Kamera: Wanja Schulz
Redaktion: Christiane Jontza
ARD/Sender Freies Berlin, 1991