Berlin, Brooklyn and Back

Berlin, Brooklyn and Back

Radio Narration (SFB-Passagen)

Twenty years after leaving New York, the author begins asking herself the question everyone else has been asking her the past two decades: Would she ever return to New York? To answer the question she goes back to her roots, back to her old Brooklyn neighborhoods and haunts, a trip full of surprises at every street corner.


The author roams the slums of East New York, strolls along Fifth Avenue, takes the A-train to Far Rockaway and the F to Forest Hills, wondering if she could possibly carve out a new life for herself in New York? Along the way, she meets a motley crew of engaging eccentrics and dazzling personalities from the New York scene. In the end, she returns to Berlin with a suitcase full of stories and secure in the knowledge that she’s back in Berlin for the long haul.

Written and Narrated by: HJR
Translated by: Gesine Strempel
Produced by: Sabine Ludwig
Directed by: Jürgen Pangritz
Sender Freies Berlin, 1991

Audio Sample in English – Excerpt “Marsha and the Bagel Man”

Audio Sample in German – Excerpt “Marsha und der Bagel-Mann”